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Thanks for visiting my website. I'm excited to announce two new novels for 2010. A Time to Die is the long awaited third Shandra Covington series. It's official relese date is June 1st, but check with your bookstores as it may arrive sooner! The second novel, The 4th Nephite, is the first in a new YA LDS fantasy series, published by Deseret Book. The first book takes place during the time wehn Joseph Smith is trying to keep the plates from being stolen. I've had great reveiews on it and am excited to see Deseret Book's support of the new series.

As many of you know, I've also started a YA fantasy series called Farworld. It takes place both on Earth and in Farworld, a land where farm animals tell jokes, evil guys turn into snakes, and everything and everyone has magic. Except for Kyja, a girl who not only can’t cast a single spell, she’s actually immune to magic of any kind. Even her pet skyte (kind of like a mini dragon, but just don’t call him a lizard) can do more magic than her.

Meanwhile, back on earth, a boy named Marcus is having his own problems. Found by a Greek Orthodox monk as a baby, Marcus was nearly dead. Although he managed to survive, he is severely crippled and must use a wheelchair to get around. Add to that his strange abilities, and Marcus never lasts long at any boys’ school or foster home.

Together, the two of them discover that the fates of both their worlds are at stake, and the only way to save them is by creating a Drift—a doorway between the two worlds. Only that’s a lot easier said than done. The first two books, Water Keep and Land Keep are available in bookstores, and Air Keep is being written. These books are published under my pen name J Scott Savage.

Also come visit the Frog Blog, where six other LDS authors and I talk about writing, publishing, LDS life, and other oddities, and my personal blog J Scott Savage,




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